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Start with extensive experience in the management of people, resources and time. Combine that with private and public sector experience in industries as varied as construction, transportation, IT services, energy and medtech.


Power Forward specializes in meeting the unique needs of IT, Life Sciences and Sustainable Energy start-ups.


This is what people who have worked with Bill and Power Forward are saying.

Bill has helped us to work as an organized and efficient team that is focused on meeting the milestones required for success. Bill has helped transform NovaResp from a small start-up to a well-run and investment-ready organization.

Hamed Hanafi
President, NovaResp Technologies Inc.

Having Bill to discuss strategy with is invaluable and hearing his thoughts have helped us make our decisions. We are launching soon and we’re ready to scale properly. Retaining Bill with Power Forward was the best move we made.

Greg Hubley
CEO, DPP Golf Inc.

Bill helped us realize specific goals & objectives within our organization.

John Lindsay, Jr.
Chairman, East Port Properties Ltd.

Bill's strong business & technical background make him an invaluable team member.

Tim Burke
President, Quark Engineering & Development Inc.

Bill epitomizes diligence, flexibility and how to be practical.

Bill McMullin
President, ViewPoint Realty Services Inc.

NovaResp Technologies Inc.

NovaResp is developing a platform for respiratory monitoring and therapy technology for ventilators (cMAP™). cMAP™’s primary focus is to predict and prevent respiratory events on positive airway pressure (PAP) machines.  This will lead to more comfortable and more effective solutions for patients suffering from sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions.

In 2021, Power Forward began working for NovaResp, initially to assist with its 2021 seed fund raising efforts, and longer term to help build the team and operational know-how within NovaResp that will allow the company to grow, scale and reach its potential.  Bill has been working with the company as an “embedded executive” to fortify its strategy, to map the plan to its financial projections, to assist with the HR needs of a growing company and to generally support the company’s president and founder toward hitting organizational goals.

DPP Golf Inc.

DPP Golf Inc. (DPP) is a software development company that creates and markets tools to improve course maintenance and enhance the golfing experience for golfers of all skill levels.  Its Player App will offer a new fun and entertaining aspect to the golf experience, during and after play, that will change how golf apps are seen and used.

Since before the company was officially founded in 2018, Bill (and Power Forward) has been working with DPP’s founder in an advisory role - helping the founder “start” the company and bring his vision for DPP into focus.  In 2021 Power Forward assisted with fund raising efforts and the development of a full business and marketing plan for DPP as it prepared to launch its Player App in the first half of 2022.



East Port Energy

In late 2009 East Port Energy was created as a wholly-owned division of East Port Properties Ltd. to pursue an electricity generating and district energy project for downtown Halifax.

Power Forward worked on the multi-year project in hopes of bringing more efficient electrical, heat and cooling energy to downtown Halifax to better meet the city’s then current and forecasted energy loads. Bill was engaged as an embedded team member at East Port to build an investable business plan and bring the necessary partners together to achieve the benefits this once-in-a-lifetime project could achieve. The project failed to proceed in early 2013 when a major stakeholder withdrew their support.

Skillz Systems Inc.

Skillz Systems Inc.’s flagship offering, QuickStickz, is a hockey stickhandling training device that uses patent-pending technology to give players a unique video gaming experience. Skillz engaged Power Forward for interim financial, operational and marketing management support in March 2008, to help operationalize its business plan and commercialize QuickStickz.

The engagement included financial and planning activities that resulted in the corporate funding necessary to move forward with its plan. Activities guided marketing direction and planning, a pilot launch, the building of an online sales portal, an eCommerce strategy, a product evolution strategy and ultimately the release of QuickStickz for commercial sales in November 2009


Impetus Innovations Inc.

Impetus Innovations Inc. was a start-up medical device innovations and R&D company. Its focus was on developing “smart” orthopedic implant technologies that provided better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.  Impetus Innovations aimed to be a driving force for medical device innovation – beginning with orthopaedic implants.

Power Forward was engaged to bring the business know-how and operational management to the start-up company.  The company’s work involved the development of an implantable orthopaedic device specifically devised to aid in the repair of long bones that had experienced high energy trauma.  Power Forward managed financial aspects of the enterprise from raising money and securing non-dilutive funds, to working with the patent lawyer 

Selected Client Engagements

Dalhousie University (Industry Liaison and Innovation)

Business Model / Plan for the Aquatron & Business Plan to combine the Product Development Group and the Innovation and Design Lab

Alentic Microscience

Engaged to help manage growth, and business operations


Go to Market Plan

AOL Voice Services

Market research


Product roadmap and plan for new music portal

Gaiamatics Solutions

Tactical marketing review (Through Innovacorp)

T.J.’s Electric

Articulate exit strategy plan

Trax Construction

Design project cost tracking report